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Airavie Clothes Airer

Airavie clothes airers - indoor and outdoor, user-friendly, planet-friendly system, retractable lines for drying washing, adjustable to fit all spaces.


Ceiling clothes airer

A simply clever drying solution: there's no need for an electric dryer with these practical and space-saving drying racks! Hang them inside or outside, over the tub or in the airing cupboard, lower them from the ceiling or mount them on the wall. Length, width and height adjustable to suit your needs. There are options to fit any space.


Airavie drying racks: CEILING and WALL-MOUNTED dryers:

- adjustable line length from 80 cm to 180 cm / 2.62 – 5.9 ft, ideal for limited spaces,
- ceiling or wall-mounted to fit exactly into available space,
- rails can be individually hoisted, a disability-friendly solution,
- hoist your washing up and out of sight,
- make the most of warm spaces, no need for electric dryers,
- robust, rust-proof washing lines for indoor and outdoor use.


Space Saving :

AIRAVIE drying airer can be installed in large or small bathrooms, in the shower, over the bathtub, in airing cupboards, hallways, on balconies, under the stairs, or under the eaves.

Wall or ceiling-mounted models, depending on available space, no wasted spaces.


Practical :

- adjustable, modifiable and adaptable to fit any space,
- 33 sizes, line lengths for exact fit, line adjustable to within 10 cm intervals,
Ceiling dryer- choice of 5, 6 or 7 independent washing lines,
- lines can be individually raised and lowered, no need to raise your arms,
- easy use and easy care, user-friendly,
- out of sight, yet always ready for use,
- easy assembly, fixing and fittings included,
- instructions provided with every CLEVER DRY DRYING RACK,
- reduces need for ironing, crease free hanging.


Quality :

- high resistant steel rails coated in plastic,
- 2,5 kg laundry load per rail,
- resistant, synthetic washing line,
- guaranteed 2 years,
- resistant to damp, rust, and bad weather, ideal for outdoor use,
- reliable and tested system,
- made in Europe.


Eco-friendly :

- efficient, eco-friendly clothes drying system,
- makes use of available heat sources,
- no need for electric drier,
- inexpensive, durable solution.

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